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  • Eye Exam

    Start 2020 Clearly with a #2020EyeExam

    #2020EyeExam We all know the importance of an annual physical to ensure our health. But what about your eyes? Sure, you may think of this as necessary only if you wear glasses or contacts, or perhaps have a problem with your vision. Think again because a comprehensive eye exam is just as important to your […]

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  • Kids off from school?

    Our lives are busy and our kids schedules are loaded with activities, sports, and other obligations.  We know it’s hard to schedule an appointment especially during the school year.  But a child’s vision is important to ensure their eyes are healthy.  We want to make sure vision problems are detected before they interfere with their […]

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  • Do you have the Bleph?

    Blepharitis Blepharitis is an inflammation of your eyelids or eyelash area.  It is a common skin condition that can cause sore, red and crusty or sticky eyelashes.  The condition can be a result of poor eyelid hygiene, a low-grade bacterial infection (usually staphylococcal), an allergic reaction and/or abnormalities in oil gland function. (1) Blepharitis symptoms […]

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  • Is Your Child Nearsighted?

    Is your child nearsighted?  Nearsightedness (myopia) is a common vision condition in which you can see objects that are near to you clearly but objects that are father away are viewed blurry.(1)   If your child has myopia they may be having trouble seeing objects at a distance.  This maybe why they are having trouble in […]

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  • Orthokerotology – No Glasses – No Daytime Contacts

    CRT Contact Lenses No Glasses – No Daytime Contacts The procedure is called orthokerotology (ortho-k) with CRT Contact Lenses, and it’s FDA approved for all ages.  Ortho-k involves fitting your child with a pair of specially designed CRT Contact Lenses, which are only worn while sleeping each night.  You can find out additional information on […]

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  • 10 Worst Toys

    December is Toys Safety Month, please share and be aware of the “10 Worst Toys” recently nominated by W.A.T.C.H. (World Against Toys Causing Harm) this holiday season. W.A.T.C.H. is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about dangerous children’s products and protecting children from harm.   They help advise the public of many toys that […]

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  • Dry Eyes?

    At Advanced Eyecare & Vision Gallery we use the latest technologies available to examine your eyes.   Our Keratograph 5M has a high-resolution color camera and is equipped with intelligent software to analyze the collected data and document the findings.   It can also compare the results and together with your knowledgeable doctor can monitor the success […]

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