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Dr Tarbell is an adjunct faculty member at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University.


Comprehensive Eye Examinations

  • State-of-the-art instrumentation for Ocular Health Assessments, including Cataract, Eye Pressure, Glaucoma and Retinal Evaluations
  • Refractions, including Eye Wear (occupational, safety, sports and sun glasses) and laser vision (LASIX) consultations
  • Vision Performance Skills, including Tracking, Focusing, and Alignment
  • Color Vision, Depth Perception, and Keratometry

Guaranteed Contact Lens Success Program includes lenses, cases, solutions, care and handling training, contact lens service agreement application, 3 months of office visits, and as many exchanges as needed to achieve health, comfort and vision goals. All contact lens types are available, .including Disposables, Tinted color-changing, Bifocals, Astigmatic Toric, UV- protecting, Oxygen Permeable Rigid or Soft Lenses

Children’s Eye Care

  • Preventative Eye Care starting at six months of age
  • Developmental School Readiness Evaluations and Assessment of Visual Processing and Learning Skills
  • Vision Therapy for Strabismus (crossed eyes) or Amblyopia (lazy eyes)

Specialty Services

  • Medical Treatment of Glaucoma, Conjunctivitis (“pink eye”), Foreign Bodies and Corneal Scratches or Abrasions.
  • Visual Rehabilitation for sensory and motor impairments.
  • Visual Efficiency Skills Assessments and Therapy, improving visual skills for hand-eye coordination during sports, overcoming focusing problems, eyestrain, and visual-related headaches.

Two-Year Frame Warranty – Exclusive Optical Services

  • Frames for Men, Women, Children, Computer Users and Sports Enthusiasts
  • Occupational Safety Eye Wear Programs
  • Extensive Lens and Sun Lens Options, with stringent quality standards. All Scratch Resistant and Anti-reflective Coated Lenses are warrantied for One Full Year-ask us!
  • If your frame breaks under normal wearing conditions, we will repair or replace it for free!
  • We also offer you a complimentary consultation, 2 week follow-up appointment, unlimited frame alignments for correct fit and comfort, replacement of missing screws or broken parts, and ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Compliment your lifestyle and take advantage of discounts on a second pair of glasses or sunglasses.