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  • Fireworks Eye Safety Month

    Happy Independence Day! Please stay safe by avoiding fireworks injuries which can be very dangerous especially for children. Vision Source makes us aware of how fireworks can be dangerous and […]

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  • Happy Summer

    Long days, warm weather. Soak up the summer with the perfect pair of suns. Schedule your annual eye exam and come check out our collection of sunglasses. Advanced Eyecare & […]

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  • Medical Services for Your Eyes

    We meet the needs of your whole family At Advanced Eyecare & Vision Gallery, we provide a wide array of vision solutions to fit your individual needs and lifestyle.  We […]

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    Dry, scratchy or burning eyes. The sensation that there’s something in your eyes. Watery eyes. It could be allergies. It could be something “in the air.” Or it could be […]

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  • Need an Upgrade?

    Are your choosing the right contacts for your eyes? If you feel your contact lenses are not providing clear vision and comfort then you have many new options.  Contact lens […]

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  • Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

    AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration) is a chronic eye disease that causes loss of the straight-ahead vision that is crucial for activities like reading or driving. AMD affects more than 10 […]

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